Our most popular ribbons

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Isgus perfect ribbon, clock ribbon, time recorder ribbon

ISGUS perfect Ribbon

  • Suitable for the ISGUS 2005, 2012. 2010, and 2020 models
  • Two colour ribbon
  • €60.00 each
Coper/Ex30/Cp3200 ribbon, clock ribbon, time recorder ribbon

Coper ribbon

  • Suitable for the Coper S300b, Amano EX30, CP3200, Pix 200 clocks
  • Two colour ribbon
  • €18.00 each
Seiko tp10/20 QR350, clock ribbon, time recorder ribbon

Seiko ribbon

  • Suitable for the Seiko TP10/20 and QR350 clocks
  • Black ribbon
  • €18.00 each

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Featured Product

TM900 clock
The TM900 time recorder is a fully automatic clock with colour change and bell ringing functionality, ideal for small and medium operations to help cut costs and satisfy NERA requirements.

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